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Salteñas, exquisite Bolivian empanadas with all the flavor of Bolivia given by the quality of the products, meats, peas, potatoes, olives, raisins and hard boiled eggs, spices with which they are prepared.


I am Bolivian from Cochabamba, I emigrated to Spain in 2000 to look for a better future like everyone else, then I always worked in London because I love it. After 12 years at the request of many countrymen I began to prepare the famous Bolivian Salteña known worldwide for its exquisite incomparable flavor. The countrymen were satisfied with my salteña and I did not settle only with them and I offered to the food businesses of the little town paisa in the seven sister area the red hostel the spring and juancho all of them Colombians were the first to sell salteñas London. After a pause we decided to move to the Elephan & Castle area and currently the Colombian, Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Brazilian, and Latin businesses. Dominican Republic, and of course Bolivian in the areas of Camberwell, Elephan & Casthe Pekan and Brixton. And now again Seven Sister Salteñas Londres is present.
Ahora ya somos dos y Somos J M Salteñeria Londres En la actualidad tenemos 17 variedades y tres tamaños diferentes.


The historian and researcher of gastronomy Beatriz Rossells confirms that the Bolivian broth empanada, better known as “salteña”, has its origin in the colonial Potosí. Rossells is the author of the book “Gastronomy in Potosí and Charcas: XVIII, XIX and XX centuries”, whose fifth edition is about to be published, and is the owner of an original document that constitutes the irrefutable proof of the paternity of Salta. The document is the manuscript recipe book of Mrs. María Josefa de Escurrechea, dated in 1776, where the pie recipe is. "There are one or two recipes for larger empanadas that are currently still prepared that way, that size, in Galicia," he said. The manuscript is an original and oldest document that exists in Bolivia with recipes. It was written in Potosí since Dona Josefa was born in this city on October 20, 1736 and, after marrying the Marquis de Otavi, Don Joaquín José de Otondo, he dedicated himself to cultivating the art of cooking with which he achieved more fame. He was also Countess of Cayara. The recipe book is one of the documentary sources Rossells used for his book. The others are from Doña Eugenia de Atayora (Potosí) and Sofía Urquidi (Sucre) and the book "Eclectic Cuisine" by Juana Manuela Gorriti (Salta, Argentina). The name "Salteña" is a Republican appellation that Antonio Paredes Candia attributed to Gorriti, whose family sold those empanadas, but there is a second version attributed to Doña Corina Pueyrredón, a native of Salta who sold these empanadas in Potosí, around 1830.


In the elaboration we only use fresh and quality products.

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